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It started with belting out "Just Around the Riverbend" in my Pocahontas boat/cardboard box in the garage at age 4. And after singing at every family gathering possible, I finally had my debut on stage when I performed "Tomorrow" for my school talent show in 2nd grade. And then the 3rd and 4th grade talent shows, and then, well, any singing competition or performance opportunity I knew about!


Attending UCLA brought me to the wonderland of music-makers and after performing in and winning (!!!) the school's annual singing competition Spring Sing my freshman year, you could say I was lovestruck. I fell in love that night. Not with a guy, not with winning trophies. I fell in love with the feeling inside of me, with the adrenaline I got knowing I was sharing something so special to me with 7,000 people but feeling like, in that spotlight, I was playing my guitar alone in my room.


I was finally home.


So I started posting covers, along with some live footage of my performances on campus, on a YouTube channel I created that year.  My Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" cover blew up, and that encouraged me to continue building my YouTube channel!


In the meantime, I was so grateful to have some pretty amazing opportunities to record in fancy studios with insanely talented producers and writers, and I have learned SO much.  I was also able to take audio technology and internet marketing classes at UCLA while earning my psychology degree.


In growing my channel, I began to realize that I was creating this amazing community with all of you, my Courtney's Cuties! So I started to post different types of content - fashion hauls, hairstyle tutorials, you name it - to be able to share our common interests and get to know you all more.

I even created an app where I posted articles about fashion, faith, and advice. Sadly the company who programmed the app shut down, and I was left with this need to express myself on a deeper level with you guys, and didn't know where...until the birth of this blog!

I pray that God can use me towards good, and my deepest hope is that my music, my words, and my actions will inspire you to live with confidence, joy, and love.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support.  


I cannot wait to see where we go together...


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