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This year for my birthday I received this gorgeous "C" letter necklace. And I immediately felt so inspired to experiment more with accessories. An initial necklace is the perfect statement piece to really make any outfit. Pretty much zero effort required. How amazing is that?!

Wanna wear some old blue jeans and a basic white tee? Add this necklace and you've taken this outfit from 0 to 100 in literally 2 seconds. I'm so excited about this and want to share my recent finding with you cuties! Here's how I love to style it:

I threw on my favorite Levi's mom jeans and a basic white top to start my outfit. No need to go crazy with a one-of-a-kind pattern or a crazy, intricate outfit. The key here is wearing simple basics that can highlight the statement necklace...and make your beauty the one thing shining the brightest :)

Next up, shoes! I found these funky platform heeled sandals with tassels on them years ago at LF Stores, but I'm linking a similar pair here for you, of course! I usually pair my mom jeans with slip-on sneakers, but felt like stepping out of my comfort box today and going with a little heel. The best part about platform sandals is that the sole of the shoe has so much substance and gives you an easier time balancing and

Then add some sassy shades for another little touch of personality. Linking another pair that I LOVE here!

And for the finishing touch, if you want a pop of color, tie a fun scarf in your hair, like this one! I also am loving this bandana print hair scarf (and here is the same one in lilac - so pretty) and this bow scrunchie that you always see me wearing.

And your outfit is complete, with the statement necklace as the star! Check out some of my favorite statement necklaces below:

1. Circle Pendant in Gold - WANT THIS ASAP!

2. Rose Gold 14K Initial - a nicer option with a pinky rose gold tone.

3. Layered Coin Necklace - so pretty and comes in rose gold.

4. "Babe" statement necklace - so sweet and sassy at the same time!

5. Heart shaped Pendant in Gold - a nicer option with a tiny little diamond.

What are your thoughts on the statement necklace trend?

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