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WELCOME TO THE BLOG, CUTIES!!! I've been working on this for months and have wanted to launch this for YEARS. Does anyone here remember when I had a Courtney Randall app? Sadly the company who programmed the app shut here we are with the birth of this blog because I have this desire to connect with you all on a deeper level! I'm so incredibly excited for all the opportunities this blog will open for us. What are they? Find out below ;)

1. Above all, this is a FAMILY. This is a community. This is a place where we all feel welcome and we all feel safe. I pray that this blog can be a light for you, wherever you are in life, whatever season you are going through, and remind you that you are beautiful, strong, one-of-a-kind, and most importantly, loved for exactly who you are. All the glory goes to God!

2. This is a place for you to get some FASHION inspo! I will be posting outfits, mood boards, and my latest style obsessions. And I'll be posting about various sales going on at my favorite stores so you get the first heads up!! I hope to inspire you to express yourself through fashion and feel confident!

3. I will be posting ENCOURAGEMENT for you cuties, whether that be a little storytime about something challenging I'm going through, advice based on your comments and messages, or heart-to-hearts where I hope to point you to God's love and grace. I'm so grateful for this blog because it allows us to be even closer, in addition to my Instagram, YouTube, etc!

4. I will be posting BEAUTY tutorials (especially hairstyles!) on here!! I ALWAYS get hairstyle requests from you cuties, so OF COURSE I had to include hair inspo on my blog! Get excited :)

5. GIVEAWAYS! I want to give back to you cuties in a way that brightens your day and makes you smile to thank you for your continued support and love! I'll be doing giveaways every so often, so HINT HINT: JOIN THE EMAIL LIST! ;)

Speaking of giveaways, TODAY IS THE FIRST ONE!! WOOOO!!! To enter, all you need to do is join the email list for this blog, and follow my instagram @courtneymichelle! The winner will receive a ... $100 SEPHORA GIFT CARD!!! GOOD LUCK CUTIES!! <3

Now I want to know...what type of posts do you want to see? Comment below! And get ready for the fun ahead :)

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